Couple Counselling

Coming to counselling with your partner offers you both time and space away from the pressures of home, so you can explore difficulties you may be having in your relationship. 
Couple/relationship counselling offers a safe space where you have the opportunity to speak to each other, acknowledge the difficulties and find ways to start communicating with a deeper level of empathy, compassion and understanding.

At the initial assessment session, we explore the issues and both partners explain how they hope counselling can help their relationship and what they would like to change. I then suggest 6-8 sessions of counselling. 
Some couples find it helpful to have 1 or 2 individual sessions each during the course of their counselling to explore issues without their partner, before continuing with the couple counselling.


£55 for 60 minutes

Adult Family Sessions: £60-70 for 60 minutes

For more information please contact me for an informal chat.